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Series: The Vampire Chronicles

by Author Anne Rice


The Vampire Lestat (2004)

Oh Lestat de Lioncourt, how can you be this rebel, how dare you create such trouble while not giving a single thought to your actions.This is the second book on The Vampire Chronicles, and it is time for Lestat to tell his story. It starts in the year 1984 if my mind is not playing tricks on me, ...

The Vampire Lestat (2004) by Anne Rice

The Queen of the Damned (1997)

At the end of The Vampire Lestat, Lestat, narrowly escaping an attack at his opening concert in San Francisco, was getting read to sleep during the day when a figure hovers over him. This book picks up immediately - Lestat narrates what happens in the days that follows. To do this, he backs out...

The Queen of the Damned (1997) by Anne Rice

Blood And Gold (2002)

Thorne, his long sleep interrupted by the waking and rampaging of the Vampire Queen Akasha, is now driven to find the one who made him, the one he saw in his visions – Maharet, one of the two oldest vampires in the worldHe emerges from his icy tomb to seek his own kind – and finds Marius, the Rom...

Blood And Gold (2002) by Anne Rice

The Vampire Armand (2000)

Some time ago i decided to read all the Vampire Chronicles. I started with "Interview With The Vampire" and "Blood and Gold". These books were great, i was so fond of Anne Rice's works. I liked everything in her books - characters, stories, all the dark romantism. So i went on with "The Vampire L...

The Vampire Armand (2000) by Anne Rice

Blood Canticle (2004)

Now Mona is a vampire and not facing her inevitable death, she is able to ask hard questions – like where her daughter is and what has become of the TaltosThe big dark secret of the Mayfair family is finally open and ready to be resolved.I have a problem.When I reviewed Blackwood Farm I gave it 0...

Blood Canticle (2004) by Anne Rice

Merrick (2001)

Well, another day done, another Anne Rice book finished at midnight. In all honesty, reading this book for me was like pulling out 4 of my teeth (and yes, I've had that done, baby teeth, but still). I tried to read this book earlier this year and only got a quarter into it before I threw it down ...

Merrick (2001) by Anne Rice