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Series: The II AM Trilogy

by Author Christopher Buecheler


The Children of the Sun (2012)

I had the opportunity to be an advance reader of this book and I must say, I could not have been happier! My copy arrived in my email a few days after my birthday, so that was even better! I could not have asked for a better ending to this series. The humorous snippets were worth it alone! This s...

The Children of the Sun (2012) by Christopher Buecheler

The Blood That Bonds (2009)

The cover doesn't reflect the story, I think! It's kind of Twilight, kind of Fifty Shades, but a good story. Theroen has a bit of Edward Cullen and a bit of Christian Grey. Two is a little Bella and a bit Ana Steele, but with more backbone. I liked Melissa, didn't like Missy. Abraham scared me! T...

The Blood That Bonds (2009) by Christopher Buecheler