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Series: The Faerie Ring

by Author Kiki Hamilton


Tündérszárny (2014)

Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick & Dirty: A strong sequel that brings the UnSeelie court to 1872 London, with promises of action, secrets, and fae magic.Opening Sentence: The Killer walked boldly down the corridor of the Summer Court, his steps measured and confident.The Review:The Torn...

Tündérszárny (2014) by Kiki Hamilton

Tündérgyűrű (2012)

Whenever I pick up a new book, it always starts off as being 3 stars in my head. 3 stars, to me, is an average score, one that straddles the line perfectly between condemnation and praise. While I read, the score has the potential to decrease, increase, or remain the same; it's a system that help...

Tündérgyűrű (2012) by Kiki Hamilton

The Faerie Ring (2011)

I'm reading the Hungarian translation, the translators tell me the original gets kitschy/corny at places (which they toned down for the Hungarian edition) and I value their opinion.EDIT: It does get kitschy/corny even in the Hungarian translation, esp at the Clara parts, which get so heart-wrench...

The Faerie Ring (2011) by Kiki Hamilton