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Series: The Connaghers

by Author Joely Sue Burkhart


Yours to Take (2013)

Vicki Connagher spent her formative years becoming a lawyer and striving to move ahead at her firm, even though she knew she was setting criminals free. When one of her clients kills a cop; her boyfriend’s partner, Vicki can’t live with herself anymore. She turns her back on her profession and tu...

Yours to Take (2013) by Joely Sue Burkhart

Dear Sir, I'm Yours (2009)

This book was okay, but I wanted it to be so much more. This was a sweet romance between two people who knew they were in love, and even said it, but struggled to come to terms with their relationship dynamics. Rae spent the whole book trying to accept the fact that she enjoyed the spanking Conn ...

Dear Sir, I'm Yours (2009) by Joely Sue Burkhart