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Series: The Brethren Guardians

by Author Charlotte Featherstone


Temptation & Twilight (2012)

Yesterday I just finished Temptation and Twilight by Charlotte Featherstone. The third book in The Brethren Guardian series.In the story, we see our hero Iain Sinclair, the Marquis of Alynwick, in his chambers of with a woman who supposedly has information about the man called Orpheus. Debauchin...

Temptation  & Twilight (2012) by Charlotte Featherstone

Ombre e tentazioni (2012)

I thought the mystery aspect of the plot was interesting. I liked Elizabeth - she was a strong character who didn't let her blindness turn her into an invalid, and anyone who tried to treat her as one was firmly taken to task.Iain Sinclair, though - I'm sorry, but this guy was an alpha JERK. He i...

Ombre e tentazioni (2012) by Charlotte Featherstone

Piaceri e segreti (2012)

Pride & Passion continues the story of the Brethren Guardians that started in Seduction & Scandal. This time, the story focuses on the Lucy Ashton and the Earl of Sussex. There relationship was hinted at in the first book of the trilogy, but now gets its time in the spotlight. Lucy rebuffs any...

Piaceri e segreti (2012) by Charlotte Featherstone

Passione e misteri (2011)

This is my first Charlotte Featherstone book and I'm struggling with my opinion on this one. I know I was suppose to read Sinful and Addicted first to get a real grip on her writing but (as shallow as it sounds) the book cover amazed me and I succumbed.I give it 3.5 because it had brilliant momen...

Passione e misteri (2011) by Charlotte Featherstone

Seduction & Scandal (2011)

I do not like books that don't give answers. I don't like feeling like I have to buy the next book because my curiosity of who did it wasn't answered in the first book. I wasn't crazy about how the story dragged on and kept cutting in and out of Bella's own fictional story she was writing. It con...

Seduction & Scandal (2011) by Charlotte Featherstone