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Series: The Anvil Of The World

by Author Kage Baker


The Bird of the River (2010)

So far, very good. I was a little uncomfortable with the initial scenes of the kids and their mother, but now that the kids are traveling up the river, the story has gotten really interesting and very riveting. I like her world-building, it's very effortless and doesn't intrude into the plot, y...

The Bird of the River (2010) by Kage Baker

The House of the Stag (2008)

Apparently this is part of a series. Didn't know it and wasn't interested. The first part was decent, but then Baker kept switching to new characters which confused me and stopped me from continuing my investment in the first character. If you want to hook me with other characters, do it early...

The House of the Stag (2008) by Kage Baker