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Series: Texas Dreams

by Author Amanda Cabot


Tomorrow's Garden (2011)

Tomorrow's Garden is the final work in the Texas Dreams trilogy. Featuring the story of Harriet, who comes to town to serve as the local schoolmarm, complete with her ready made family of 5 siblings whom she has been caring for most of her life. I enjoyed both the plucky Harriet and her sister ...

Tomorrow's Garden (2011) by Amanda Cabot

Scattered Petals (2010)

I really love a well-written historical novel, and Amanda Cabot fits the bill with her 'Texas Dreams' series. I had forgotten how much I grew to enjoy the community and characters in Ladreville, until I started reading this book. It was nice to find out more about Zach, and I enjoyed 'meeting' Pr...

Scattered Petals (2010) by Amanda Cabot

Paper Roses (2009)

This book was amazing. Well written, it describes how trials in life can lead people to where they should be. No matter how bad things appear to be, maybe God has something planned out of that madness. Grief, loss, love, humor, all goes hand in hand. This book shows how out of deep sadness, a...

Paper Roses (2009) by Amanda Cabot