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Series: Stockholm Syndrome

by Author Richard Rider


No Beginning, No End (2000)

The first book was great. The second and third books in this series get even better. It gets deep and raw. It shows character development at its finest. Pip and Lindsey's emotions, insecurities, love felt so real. It was great to see Pip mature and blossom so much through his journey. It was nice...

No Beginning, No End (2000) by Richard Rider

17 Black and 29 Red (2009)

It was so awful but like the book wasn't awful, it was amazing, just the wait and all the time that Lindsay and Pip weren't together was hell and it was so awful but the book was so amazing and just wow. I loved it so much and I just gah it was so perfect even if it took them four years to get ba...

17 Black and 29 Red (2009) by Richard Rider

Stockholm Syndrome (2009)

This book is up there with special forces and captive prince, when it comes to creating characters that u are swept away with immediately. This book is hard to read if you have a life because it so hard to find a part to put it down on. The characters are so bent and twisted but you start to see ...

Stockholm Syndrome (2009) by Richard Rider