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Series: Spellsinger

by Author Alan Dean Foster


Chorus Skating (1994)

The title pretty much illustrates the type of humour in this book, puns of all sorts. I hadn't read anything else by this author so it took me a while to realise that the world in this series is a world of animals and magic can be worked through music. The magician behind the duar (guitar), howev...

Chorus Skating (1994) by Alan Dean Foster

The Hour of the Gate (1984)

An invasion of the insects30 January 2013tThis is a continuation, and the conclusion, to the story that began in Spellsinger. The party of adventurers (which is what they are) have reached the main mammal city to warn the council of the invasion of a race of insects called the Plated Folk. Appare...

The Hour of the Gate (1984) by Alan Dean Foster