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Series: SKALS

by Author Adriana Noir


Edge of Obsession (2000)

Anthony Rawlings WHO? I am on TEAM SEBBY!! Yes he is sinister cold and scary and knows how to snap some leather! With that being said- he is also loving caring giving and affectionate in his own "Sebby" way. I know people may think I need psychiatric care after saying this BUT I don't care!!I wi...

Edge of Obsession (2000) by Adriana Noir

Sinister Kisses (2000)

Now don't get me wrong I like a dark read, but to me this just seemed to be a "how to become a battered wife" ended up really disliking the antihero and feeling really sorry for the heroine who although she was young and naive figured out at about 80% she ought to leave! but didn't! Not that she ...

Sinister Kisses (2000) by Adriana Noir