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Series: Shakespearean Murder

by Author Philip Gooden


Death of Kings (2001)

Following the events recounted in Sleep of Death, Nick Revill, is now a junior member of the acting troupe The Chamberlain's Men and in February 1601 finds himself caught up in dangerous political intrigue. Queen Elizabeth is in her 68th year and with no child or appointed successor there is wide...

Death of Kings (2001) by Philip Gooden

Alms for Oblivion (2003)

ALMS FOR OBLIVION (Amateur Sleuth-London-1600s) – G+Gooden, Philip – 4th in seriesConstable, 2003- HardcoverNick Reville is a player in Burbage and Shakespeare's Chamberlain's Company. A friend from his home village, Peter Agate, comes to London and informs Nick that he, too, wants to be a playe...

Alms for Oblivion (2003) by Philip Gooden