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Series: Serve

by Author Tessa Bailey


Exposed by Fate (2014)

Very much enjoyed this one. I have to admit that I struggled with the first in this series, Owned by Fate. I just never connected with Caroline and while I enjoyed Jonah, I just didn't enjoy the story overall. I've had Exposed by Fate since it came out and just kept putting it off since Owned ...

Exposed by Fate (2014) by Tessa Bailey

Owned by Fate (2014)

I LOVED this book. Honestly I have not been disappointed in one of Tessa Baileys books. Her writing really makes my imagination run wild. This man, good grief, his job and his dirty dirty words. Make my vagina melt, don't act like that shocks you! I loved Caroline too, her denial made me want to ...

Owned by Fate (2014) by Tessa Bailey