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Series: Scenes From Provincial Life

by Author J.M. Coetzee


Youth (2003)

I picked this book off the library shelf and read the blurb, and decided to read it because there seemed to be parallels with my own youth. What did I hope for? To make sense of my own youth? To make sense of things that happened to me?The protagonist in the book is a mathematics student at the U...

Youth (2003) by J.M. Coetzee

Verano (2009)

After a shoddy first foray into the post-modernist genre with Slow Man... Coetzee gives it another, more heart-felt, more honest shot and produces a book of breathtaking courage and poignancy. I have just finished reading the book and can honestly say that I am a little shaken, having come face t...

Verano (2009) by J.M. Coetzee