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Series: Rogue Agent

by Author K.E. Mills


Wizard Squared (2010)

Plot summary: What if Gerald had made different decisions in The Accidental Sorcerer? What if he was now a master of dark magic, unable to be defeated and with the wizarding world under his thumb? When Monk Markham finds himself confronted with a Monk from a parallel universe where exactly those ...

Wizard Squared (2010) by K.E. Mills

Witches Incorporated (2008)

The further adventures of Gerald Dunwoody, Rogue Sorcerer, and his friends Monk Markham, Monk's sister Emmerabiblia (love that name!), and Her Royal Highness Princess Mellisande of New Ottosland. Gerald is assigned to watch the wizards in an airship company, at the same time that Witches, Inc. ge...

Witches Incorporated (2008) by K.E. Mills

The Accidental Sorcerer (2008)

Even though the book cover says the author is K.E. Mills, it is actually a pen name for Karen Miller. Not sure why Ms. Miller needs a pen name as it is not much of a secret. Anyway, after reading her Star Wars Novel, Wild Space, I went looking for another book written by her. Since this was a fir...

The Accidental Sorcerer (2008) by K.E. Mills