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Series: Richard Bolitho

by Author Alexander Kent


Richard Bolitho — Midshipman (1992)

Richard Bolitho - Midshipman is the first book of Alexander Kent’s (Douglas Reeman’s) Bolitho series. Published in 1975, it introduces the reader to 16 year old Richard Bolitho as he boards his second ship, the HMS Gorgon. The time is 1772 and England is at peace but that doesn’t mean that the of...

Richard Bolitho — Midshipman (1992) by Alexander Kent

Command a King's Ship (1998)

I discovered this book quite by accident while I was walking through the library looking for something else. I noticed a display on naval stories and picked this one up. It looked quite good and so I checked it out. I read the entire thing in two days. I decided to look online to see if the a...

Command a King's Ship (1998) by Alexander Kent

Sword of Honour (2001)

This is book 23 in a series about the fictional character Richard Bolitho in the British navy. This book takes place during the time Napolean was imprisoned on Elba. The main character is not portrayed as perfect, and is not an action hero. The ending of the book, as is in the author's style s...

Sword of Honour (2001) by Alexander Kent

Enemy in Sight (1999)

Originally published on my blog here in September 2000.Another one of Kent's conventional naval adventures starring Richard Bolitho. Reading three or four of these in a few months makes them seem quite tedious in the end; the background plot details may move on (a new rank for Bolitho, for exampl...

Enemy in Sight (1999) by Alexander Kent

To Glory We Steer (1998)

Next up... picked up from the town transfer station of course. My paperback is from 1978 and not pictured in the lookup. No cover anyway...Finally got into it last night. Pretty darned "meaty' so far!And now the meat has gotten well-bloodied as the first encounter with a privateer has taken place...

To Glory We Steer (1998) by Alexander Kent

Stand into Danger (1998)

Treasure, Treachery and Forbidden Love - 3 Stars Stand into Danger is the fourth book is the series about Richard Bolitho, a young officer in the Royal Navy. Although it was not the fourth written by Alexander Kent, it is fourth based on the internal chronology. Plot summary Richard once agai...

Stand into Danger (1998) by Alexander Kent

With All Despatch (1999)

My first exposure to an Alexander Kent book and it was a fairly enjoyable experience. The story is short and there are many scenes of seafaring action which the author writes with aplomb. We watch as ships of war tear each other apart and villains are dispatched gruesomely. All through this, the ...

With All Despatch (1999) by Alexander Kent

Colours Aloft! (2000)

The Bolitho novels not only have cameo appearances of Britain’s great naval hero, Admiral Horatio Nelson, in the background, but the events of Bolitho’s life tend to parallel the life of the grand hero more and more as the series continued. At first, Alexander Kent (I will use his nom de plume fo...

Colours Aloft! (2000) by Alexander Kent