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Series: Rainbow Valley

by Author Jane Graves


Baby, It's You (2014)

I absolutely loved this heartwarming, beautiful love story set in a vineyard. Kari was warm and found such courage to leave her wedding and her whole life behind to find her soulmate, the generous,lost soul Marc who helped Kari and gained so much insight from her. Jane Graves is one of my favorit...

Baby, It's You (2014) by Jane Graves

Un cow-boy à l'horizon (2014)

I always seem to be drawn to romances where the H/h have a history and they find their way back to each other. This is that of course but also much more. I loved Luke and Shannon's story, but just as much I loved the cast of animal characters, and learning so much about the rodeo life.This is a ...

Un cow-boy à l'horizon (2014) by Jane Graves