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Series: Psychic Eye Mystery

by Author Victoria Laurie


Deadly Forecast (2013)

In Laurie’s paranormal mystery novel, psychic Abby Cooper and FBI agent Dutch Rivers are finally getting married—or at least they’ve set the date anyway. Dutch is working a bombing case and Abby’s intuition tells her that he’s in mortal danger. While Dutch follows the clues in hopes of exposin...

Deadly Forecast (2013) by Victoria Laurie

Doom with a View (2009)

Warning: SPOILERSI don't ask much from my light reading. When the heroine has the emotional stability of a two year old and can only find solace in her boyfriend's manly arms, I shrug and keep turning pages. When her best friend is engaging in reckless behaviors typically seen in psychopaths, I b...

Doom with a View (2009) by Victoria Laurie

Lethal Outlook (2012)

This was my first time reading author Victoria Laurie's writings. I was pleasantly surprised. Considering I have a thing for criminal justice and humor, this book was awesome! It is the first book in her, 'The Phychic Eye Mystery Series', and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books i...

Lethal Outlook (2012) by Victoria Laurie

Vision Impossible (2011)

This is the 9th book in Victoria Laurie's Psychic Eye series. Abby Cooper is asked to assist the CIA in finding a surveillance system, which targets people's auras. She & her boyfriend go undercover to recover the device and the closer they get, the more dangerous it becomes.I've enjoyed all of...

Vision Impossible (2011) by Victoria Laurie

A Glimpse of Evil (2010)

I'm really enjoying this series, and this was yet another fun mystery. I loved the scenery change to Austin, though I did laugh at Abby and Candice driving back and forth to Dallas like it was nothing. That's 6 hours of driving with no traffic, and yet they would head there in the morning, hang o...

A Glimpse of Evil (2010) by Victoria Laurie