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Series: Princess Academy

by Author Shannon Hale


Princess Academy (2007)

Originally reviewed on The Book SmugglersMiri is a young girl that has lived all her life on Mount Eskel, an unforgiving mountain that reaches far above the lowlands of Danlow. Here, Miri lives a quiet mundane life with her Pa and elder sister, Marda, tending to the family's goats and meager stor...

Princess Academy (2007) by Shannon Hale

Princess Academy: Palace of Stone (2000)

I really liked this book. To me, the handling of the political/economic issues in this book was unexpected of a YA book. In a lot of YA books things like poverty, tyranny, and revolution feel very one-note. They exist, but you either only see the side the main character is on – the opposing si...

Princess Academy: Palace of Stone (2000) by Shannon Hale

Palace of Stone (2012)

I don't know about you people but this book is just as great as its predecessor.Taken, the plot had undergone a huge change. We are not anymore treated by an innocent mountain girl with a humble hope for her village. In this book, Miri had evolved to be an independent courageous woman.I considere...

Palace of Stone (2012) by Shannon Hale