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Series: Power Exchange

by Author A.J. Rose


Consent (2014)

Forgot how much I loved Gavin and Ben. Now, there are things I take issue with, largely the realism of the plot. But these are easily overlooked with the intensity of the storylline, and the characters.I love these boys and while this was a real difficult read for me, it was worth it. Well writte...

Consent (2014) by A.J.  Rose

Power Exchange (2012)

I started this book last night and really had to force myself to put it down and go to sleep and start again today. This was by far one of the best written BDSM books I've read. This book was very disturbing, sexy, breathtaking and turned me on all at the same time. Ben and Gavin were extremely p...

Power Exchange (2012) by A.J.  Rose