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Series: Pip & Flinx

by Author Alan Dean Foster


Bloodhype (1983)

The confusing part of this book is where it fits within the other Flinx Pip universe. It is a poser. But Foster wrote it second. This novel stands on its own two legs, and is a very good story. Read it even if you are not a Flinx and Pip fan.The Vom, an evil entity of immense power and ability ...

Bloodhype (1983) by Alan Dean Foster

Mid-Flinx (1996)

It's been a long time since I used to say Foster was my favorite author, and there's no doubt my tastes have changed since then. But because Midworld was one of his best and I remember liking the Pip & Flinx series too, I decided to pick up this one that combines the two - somehow I never read i...

Mid-Flinx (1996) by Alan Dean Foster

Sliding Scales (2005)

Sliding Scales is the third to the last book in the Pip & Flinx SF adventure series and it shows. Foster, the author is obviously getting tired of Flinx as a protagonist, because in this book he makes his star character almost incidental to the plot. The story in broad strokes is this: Flinx d...

Sliding Scales (2005) by Alan Dean Foster

The Tar-Aiym Krang (1995)

I can’t believe the rubbish job Del Rey (Ballantine) has done on the current reprints of the well beloved Pip & Flinx novels. Gone are the magnificent covers illustrated by the likes of Michael Whelan and Bob Eggleton. Replaced by blurry monochromatic photos of... what's this? A Justin Bieber cl...

The Tar-Aiym Krang (1995) by Alan Dean Foster

For Love of Mother-Not (1987)

I read and enjoyed Alan Dean Foster’s stories of Flinx and Pip when I was a teen/college student. This was the mid-80’s and there were a half dozen books or so. They’ve recently been re-released (and apparently several more books have been written). My younger son, the voracious SF-Fantasy reader...

For Love of Mother-Not (1987) by Alan Dean Foster

Flinx in Flux (1988)

It's been a long time since I first read this book. And it was fun to read it again. The narrated versions of the books are very well done. In this book, which has Flinx on Alaspin returning Pips babies to the wild, Flinx finds himself wrapped up in an adventure related to a beautiful young woman...

Flinx in Flux (1988) by Alan Dean Foster

Running from the Deity (2006)

Flinx starts out to find a weapon to use against the hungry evil accelerating toward the galaxy, only to be diverted to a planet, on which landings are forbidden because of the low technological level of its inhabitants. Flinx has to land so his ship can make repairs. There he meets a backwater r...

Running from the Deity (2006) by Alan Dean Foster

Orphan Star (2004)

After a disastrous kidnapping attempt leaves him with an enticing tidbit of information, Flinx decides to leave Moth in search of his elusive heritage. The one man who does know, however, is convinced Flinx is after him for revenge, so getting close proves to be more of a chore than Flinx hoped i...

Orphan Star (2004) by Alan Dean Foster

Flinx's Folly (2004)

3.5 stars really. This installment is not quite as pulse quickening as the previous books in the series, but rather a slow crescendo. What at first seems more of a romance story than anything having to do with the awesome world building we are accustomed to in the Humanx-Commonwealth universe, t...

Flinx's Folly (2004) by Alan Dean Foster