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Series: Patternmaster

by Author Octavia E. Butler


Clay's Ark (1996)

At first I expected Clay's Ark to have more ... human interest? for me than Mind of My Mind.Both novels concern a sort of new development for humanity -- Mind of My Mind has people with psychic abilities who are gaining power by working as a group, and Clay's Ark has an isolated set of people inf...

Clay's Ark (1996) by Octavia E. Butler

Wild Seed (2001)

Sometimes you find something amazing in the most random ways. I first discovered Octavia Butler while waiting in a mall. I haven't really been a mall person since I was about 17, but it was Christmastime, and I suppose malls are unavoidable. While listening to a band play holiday tunes in the ...

Wild Seed (2001) by Octavia E. Butler

Mind of My Mind (1994)

'Throughout centuries the immortal telepath Doro has struggled to build a new race, one with powers to match his own. But down all those generations, there has been no one like Mary.Only Mary is able to draw others to her side, into a complex network of global psychic energy that unites them and ...

Mind of My Mind (1994) by Octavia E. Butler