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Series: Opposites Attract

by Author Lisa Crane


Not His Type (2000)

Had to finish this in one day!A really sweet,romance with two very likeable leads.I'm really getting burnt out on reading romances because they are all such tales of woe and ANGST,and I thought this was beginning to look the same with the heroine insecure about her physical appeal,and the hero r...

Not His Type (2000) by Lisa  Crane

Leather+Lace (2013)

I loved this book a great deal. Stevie was a strong young man who lived through horrific abuse by his former master Julius. What I liked was how Stevie saw himself as weak never giving himself the credit on how hard it was to leave Julius. With all the domestic abuse in the news lately I feel thi...

Leather+Lace (2013) by A.B. Gayle

Red+Blue (2012)

Hmm, this book flatlined for me 30% into the story and I don’t think I will be finishing it. The ratings are decent on this, so I’m surprised no one else is bothered by what to me is a very irritating flaw. This book suffers from multiple POV disorder! The book starts with a decent premise and in...

Red+Blue (2012) by A.B. Gayle