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Series: Nikki Lanier

by Author Bethany Maines


Bulletproof Mascara [With Earbuds] (2010)

I enjoyed this book a lot. Nikki has an overbearing mother and at 25 is still wondering what to do after becoming a linguistcs major. She tries for a job and after a bad interview, and is drinking at a bar when a handsome man asks her to pretend she is his wife. She finally agrees, and notes some...

Bulletproof Mascara [With Earbuds] (2010) by Bethany Maines

Bulletproof Mascara (2010)

The blurb on the book is a great summary: "A pinch of James Bond . . . a handful of humor . . . great escapist fun." The Carrie Mae Foundation philosophy is to improve the lives of women everywhere through education, medical, and financial assistance, which is financed by selling affordable, qual...

Bulletproof Mascara (2010) by Bethany Maines