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Series: Nightshade Chronicles

by Author Hilary Wagner


Catacomb City (2013)

This is written in a literary style, very much like Watership Down and even Charles Dickens' works. More for 9 and up, rather than younger kids. That said, I thought it was a fast paced story, full of twists and turns. Each new chapter brought a new element to the mystery which all comes together...

Catacomb City (2013) by Hilary Wagner

Nightshade City (2010)

I don't remember when I downloaded this freebie from Amazon to my Kindle so I don't remember if it was listed as a childern's book or not. The obvious guess is that it is for kids because the story is of a community of rats that go through a war. And yet some of the themes were pretty intense fo...

Nightshade City (2010) by Hilary Wagner