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Series: Mastered

by Author Sierra Cartwright


For The Sub (2013)

Great book and my favorite out of series so far. I loved the way these unlikely characters came together in a world wind. She was always in the background in the other books and in this book we see her come to life. He wore his grief like a fitted shirt and had vowed to never love again. They cam...

For The Sub (2013) by Sierra Cartwright

In His Cuffs (Mastered) (2013)

As much as I enjoy reading contemporary BDSM themed romances, I often end up frustrated. Too often the author includes BDSM scenes, particularly punishments, that are unusual, unnecessarily harsh, even gratuitous rather than realistic within the story and characters. The story and BDSM are out of...

In His Cuffs (Mastered) (2013) by Sierra Cartwright

Over The Line (2013)

another jewel in this series !!! they just keep getting better and better !!! loved the honesty and the fears that are in this book cause we can relate, cause we all know that no matter how good something is, your fears and set ways are hard to change!! but when he loves you enough not to settle ...

Over The Line (2013) by Sierra Cartwright

On His Terms (2013)

Okay, so it ended awesomely but getting there was painful at times. The blurb explains perfectly what this book is about, and how it ended saved it, but when Chelsea realized how she felt, and she did well before they went back to the Den, why oh why, didn't she do something about it then - argh!...

On His Terms (2013) by Sierra Cartwright

On His Terms (Mastered) (2013)

I red this and it was a good story. My question is do they charge extra for the letter "Z", it is spelled recognize not recognise as a matter if fact I check all my resources couldn't and those word don't exist, made it hard to read realizing (realiseing) when I thought the author or editor or p...

On His Terms (Mastered) (2013) by Sierra Cartwright

Unwound (2014)

So my only gripe with this book is stupidly I had no idea it was a book two. now I don't think I missed out on too much but I am ordering the first one so I can go back and see where this started. This was fun, sexy, dramatic, and I loved how complex Ronin was and how much love and anger there ...

Unwound (2014) by Lorelei James

With This Collar (2013)

Such an oh so frustrating book. In spite of the implausible beginning this story had the potential to go somewhere and take the reader to mysterious places. It failed to do so. Many of the sex scenes were also disappointing. You'd think it would be possible to make them seem a little more excitin...

With This Collar (2013) by Sierra Cartwright