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Series: Lovely Vicious

by Author Sara Wolf


Brutal Precious (2000)

I was so happy with this ending. I thought the book was really sad because they both liked each other but neither would say so and there was a lot of tension between them, but I loved the ending even though there should be like some extra to see a little bit more into their lives. I really also l...

Brutal Precious (2000) by Sara Wolf

Savage Delight (2000)

HOLY FUCK.Isis Blake es super guay. Me gusta que aunque tenga toda esta shit encima de ella es muy divertida. Y Jack me cae bien porque siempre es aca frío e insensible pero nah.MALDITA SOFIA. DIGO CUANDO TODO VA ADQUIRIENDO SENTIDO ELLA VA Y MUERE. No se si se suicidó o que. Supongo que tendremo...

Savage Delight (2000) by Sara Wolf

Lovely Vicious (2000)

This book. I wouldn't even know how to put my feelings about this book into the correct words. "WOW" "holy crap" and "fabulous" just don't seem to be enough. This story was exciting and engaging. I honestly couldn't put this down and read it within twenty four hours! The characters are different ...

Lovely Vicious (2000) by Sara Wolf