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Series: Locomotion

by Author Jacqueline Woodson


Locomotion (2004)

POETRY AND JACQUELINE WOODSONI never thought that I would have liked a book of poetry; but, I loved this book. Like, LOVED it. It was a quick read and it was written from the perspective of an African-American, 11-year-old boy, Lonnie Collins Motion (Lo-co-motion). At seven-years-old, his parents...

Locomotion (2004) by Jacqueline Woodson

Peace, Locomotion (2009)

Lonnie (Locamotion) and his little sister Lili get separated living in different foster homes after their parents die in a fire. Lonnie decides to write letters to Lili so she won’t forget him while they are living apart. Lonnie lives with Miss Edna, who he loves and her two sons who are in Iraq....

Peace, Locomotion (2009) by Jacqueline Woodson