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Series: Little Britches

by Author Ralph Moody


Mary Emma & Company (1994)

Another excellent read from Ralph Moody. I think I liked this one more than Fields of Home and very nearly as much as Man of the Family--largely because the Moodys are once again trying to make a living at odd jobs in a new situation. Ralph exercises his ingenuity and incredible work ethic, his...

Mary Emma & Company (1994) by Ralph Moody

Man of the Family (1993)

In the first book, "Little Britches", we met Ralph and his family who had come to live on a ranch in Littleton, Colorado, beginning in 1906 when Ralph has just turned 8. The west is "settled" to the extent that they arrive by train and are surrounded by other white settlers, but when Ralph and hi...

Man of the Family (1993) by Edward Shenton

The Fields of Home (1993)

1912 Medford Massachussetts Ralph 15 gets sent by widowed mother with large family to her father Tom Gould's farm near Lewiston, to appease city police chief with eyes on reform school. In smooth shaded illustration, by oil lanterns, old iron cookstove, deep forest -- balky heifer tugs rope, shy ...

The Fields of Home (1993) by Ralph Moody

The Home Ranch (1994)

I just finished reading this book to the boys (8 and 6). As a read-aloud I really can't say enough about this series. First and foremost, these are true stories, a fact that really seems to resonate with my boys. Second, Ralph Moody lives according to a moral code that is impeccable. Moody or...

The Home Ranch (1994) by Ralph Moody

Shaking the Nickel Bush (1994)

"Shaking the Nickel Bush" was very different from all the other books in the Little Britches series. This book focuses solely on Ralph and his life experiences. His family is mentioned occasionally, but Ralph does not really interact with them. His life has taken a different route, and he is on h...

Shaking the Nickel Bush (1994) by Ralph Moody

Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers (1991)

It is 1906, and eight-year-old Ralph Moody’s family is getting ready to move. They live in East Rochester, NH, and Ralph’s father Charles works in the woolen mills, but it isn’t good for his lungs. Cousin Phil, who lives in Denver, CO, visits and convinces Father that ranching in Colorado wou...

Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers (1991) by Ralph Moody