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Series: Ladies In Love

by Author Jennie Tremaine


Susie (1981)

Why did I read this? I heard this on audiobook, and even as I was listening, I kept wondering, "why am I still listening to this book?" but it was one of those where I hadn't had a chance to find another audiobook to replace it on my drive to/from work and I hated this book slightly less than I h...

Susie (1981) by Jennie Tremaine

Maggie (1986)

Maggie is treated like a chattel by her father and he hands her over to Inspector Macleod who marries her and moves her to his home Glasgow. For a year Maggie endures his brutalities until he dies of arsenic poisoning and she is put on trial for his murder. The Earl of Strathain who sees part of ...

Maggie (1986) by Jennie Tremaine

Daisy (1990)

Daisy Jenkins discovers that she is really The Honourable Daisy Chatterton after her aunt who has brought her up dies. She is sent to stay with the Earl and Countess of Nottenstone but soon finds that mixing in high society is not as easy as it appears especially when everyone seems to delight in...

Daisy (1990) by Marion Chesney

Tilly (1987)

This is my first book by M. C. Beaton and if I get the chance I would be up to reading some more of her books (or listening). Poor Tilly is called the 'beast' because she is always made up horribly and is a little plump. She is left penniless when her father died and she is now resigned to being ...

Tilly (1987) by M.C. Beaton

Ginny (1988)

Ginny Boggs, a coal merchant's daughter inherits a fortune and an estate from someone she's never met. The relatives of her benefactor Mr. Giles Frayne are angry at being snubbed in favor of someone from the middle-class. His will stipulates that they must stay on at Courtney and help Ginny go on...

Ginny (1988) by Jennie Tremaine

Polly (Edwardian Candlelight, #1) (2012)

Edwardian London - city of contrasts - where women were only just starting to be accepted in the work place. Polly is ambitious and she wants to leave her working class upbringing behind and make a better life for herself. She gets a job as a stenographer with an import/export company which is ow...

Polly (Edwardian Candlelight, #1) (2012) by M.C. Beaton