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Series: Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-n-Craft Mystery

by Author Joanna Campbell Slan


Ready, Scrap, Shoot (2012)

About as exciting as scrap booking :)Ok, so apparently there are more books in this series, I haven't read those and now I don't think I will.I found it to be very amateurish. The title and the book cover are quite misleading. The first couple of chapters and the last couple of chapters deal with...

Ready, Scrap, Shoot (2012) by Joanna Campbell Slan

Photo, Snap, Shot (2010)

I did take a quick break from my library books to read a book just for me. Fun fluff. That's what the Kiki Lowenstein books are all about. If you love scrapbooking and you love mysteries, you'll love these books. It helps that I identify with frumpy housewife Kiki, even if I never had the pampere...

Photo, Snap, Shot (2010) by Joanna Campbell Slan

Make, Take, Murder (2011)

I've given this author 4 tries now and I think this is the last one for me. The main character, Kiki Lowenstein, is just getting on my nerves for reasons too numerous to mention. But the biggie for me is the on again- off again romance with Detweiler, the police detective that started with the fi...

Make, Take, Murder (2011) by Joanna Campbell Slan

Paper, Scissors, Death (2008)

I gave this book four stars because I was pleasantly surprised. I am an avid scrapbooker, and a fellow scrapper suggested the series. I didn't have high expectations, but hoped it would be a light summer read. It was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I immediately took a liking to the ma...

Paper, Scissors, Death (2008) by Joanna Campbell Slan

Cut, Crop &Amp; Die (2009)

book description:All it took was one scone. When the hot-tempered (and widely hated) hobbyist Yvonne Gaynor eats a tainted pastry at Kiki's scrapbooking crop party, it triggers an allergy that leads to Yvonne's death. Even worse, the police suspect foul play when they realize that someone tampere...

Cut, Crop &Amp; Die (2009) by Joanna Campbell Slan