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Series: Kendrick/coulter/harrigan

by Author Catherine Anderson


Baby Love (2006)

Reviewed for"4.5 stars" Baby Love is a wonderful book that is reminiscent of a grown-up fairy tale, a Cinderella story. As the heroine, it has a young woman who has known the meaning of hard work since she was only fourteen, when her father passed away leaving her with the resp...

Baby Love (2006) by Catherine Anderson

Blue Skies (2004)

I didn't expect much from this book when I read the back cover, so at least I wasn't disappointed. Carly Adams just had surgery to correct a lifetime of blindness, enjoys a night at the bar with her friend Bess and winds up being deflowered by Hank Coulter. Without a condom.Surprise surprise, she...

Blue Skies (2004) by Catherine Anderson

Bright Eyes (2004)

No geral, achei a história de Zeke e Natalie muito ao estilo de Nora Roberts.Trata-se de uma história em que o destino junta duas almas gémeas, que ao longo do livro vão encontrando muitos obstáculos e perigos. Ao contrário de Nora, Catherine Anderson não os separa, havendo só algum impacto quand...

Bright Eyes (2004) by Catherine Anderson

My Sunshine (2005)

Like the sun comes up after a dark night, so love comes into the hearts of those who thought that they had no chance at being loved. Catherine Anderson has made this kind of story her stock and trade, and she truly does it well.In this heartwarming story, Laura Townsend is the unsuspecting heroi...

My Sunshine (2005) by Catherine Anderson