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Series: Joy

by Author Jenni Moen


Finding Joy (2000)

3.5The second installment was not quite as addictive as the first book. The purpose of this book seems to be to tie up all the loose ends. At times I found myself a little bored as there were scenes that I would qualify as filler. Some of the drama that occurred simply happened because the mai...

Finding Joy (2000) by Jenni Moen

Remembering Joy (2013)

It was really good and even though I figured the plot from the beginning (bad habit, I guess) I was totally hooked on Allie and Adam. I wanted to get to know them and I did not get bored (which happens a lot with me).My only wish was that sex scenes needed to be steamier..I felt it was lacking. s...

Remembering Joy (2013) by Jenni Moen