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Series: Journey

by Author Melissa L. Delgado


Ending a Broken Journey (2013)

This book gets 2 stars because:1. I liked the author weaving between the past to the present and male and female perspective. However, after a while, I got really really really tired of it. (The fact that I started off really loving the weaving is the reason for 2nd star)2. The dialogue was not r...

Ending a Broken Journey (2013) by Melissa L. Delgado

Chasing Leah (2012)

Leah has never had an easy life. When she was little she was always taking care of herself because her mom cared more about drinking and hooking up with men then being there for her daughter. One day her mom comes home and tells her that life is going to be changing what she meant is life was goi...

Chasing Leah (2012) by Cori Williams