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Series: Jake Crosby

by Author Bobby Cole


Moon Underfoot (2013)

I started reading this book because I live in the same town as the author and am familiar with all of the places he mentions. The first Jake Crosby novel, The Dummy Line, was not my favorite type of read, so I was pleasantly surprised when I was unable to put Moon Underfoot down! I highly recomme...

Moon Underfoot (2013) by Bobby Cole

The Dummy Line (2011)

A few weeks ago, our library received Bobby Cole's three outdoorsy thrillers, and last night I got the chance to start reading them; I quickly read "The Dummy Line" (Jake Crosby # 1) and have to say Cole really did a good job -- executed his plot with a professional finesse. Surely it's a tale of...

The Dummy Line (2011) by Bobby Cole