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Series: In Too Deep

by Author Jo Leigh


Three Months and You're Mine (2013)

Three Months and You're Mine was the final book in the In Too Deep series by Casey McMillin. Again, I fell in love with this series and especially the characters. I wished that the ending of each book was a little different, but I loved how Casey picked up right where it ended in the new books....

Three Months and You're Mine (2013) by Casey McMillin

Second String (2000)

I really enjoyed this series. You definitely want to start from the beginning with book one so you get the character development, as they do appear in every book.Who doesn't love a good love triangle? Should Emily hold out and wait for Jeremy to decide he wants to move forward in their relation...

Second String (2000) by Casey McMillin

Three Years Later (2013)

Started off with potential, but it didn't really go anywhere despite the three year fast forward. There wasn't a lot of details, there wasn't any character development, there wasn't any conflict and I'm not really even sure there was really even a climax. There was a magical wand that was suppose...

Three Years Later (2013) by Casey McMillin