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Series: In Other Words

by Author M.K. Schiller


In Other Words: The Other F-Word (2014)

This is actually the 2nd book I read with a cougar as heroine. I don’t go with that genre. If others are particular with the heroine as Virgin, me, I always want the heroine to be younger than the hero. But I came to realized stepping out of you’re your comfort zone doesn’t hurt really. And I am ...

In Other Words: The Other F-Word (2014) by M.K. Schiller

The Other C-Word (2013)

The Other C-Word (In Other Words #1) by M.K Schiller4 StarsThe other C-Word, contrary to my first impressions from the title, was actually a cute story about Marley, an emotionally damaged woman, and Rick Randy, a businessman with an unfortunate name! The two meet at the airport in one of the fun...

The Other C-Word (2013) by M.K. Schiller