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Series: Humanx Commonwealth

by Author Alan Dean Foster


Drowning World (2003)

This was a wonderfully fun read, and as soothing as a warm drink. It fits into an old-fashioned optimistic mode of thinking about human expansion among alien species, that surely we are enlightened enough to solve everyone else's problems for them. This was a book that continually brought TV Trop...

Drowning World (2003) by Alan Dean Foster

Midworld (1983)

Through-out the course of this book I was thinking of giving it 2 stars. Till the last 20 pages are so. That so rarely happens in bookreading, that the end somehow pulls it all together? That's what we all hope for when reading a book that drags, we stick with it, and so often we are never rew...

Midworld (1983) by Alan Dean Foster

The Howling Stones (1997)

I'm a fan of Foster and have read around 50 of his novels. This one had a few problems that are uncharacteristic for him. First, the novel has some definite pacing issues. The introduction phase seemed to take about 70 pages, which is considerable for a relatively short novel. Very little happene...

The Howling Stones (1997) by Alan Dean Foster