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Series: Horngate Witches

by Author Diana Pharaoh Francis


Un hiver de sang (2014)

I feel that the end of this series got a bit overtaken with a relationship hot mess and much significant glances exchanged and angsting and hand-wringing with no actual sit-down-let's hash-this-out-like-adults-discussion. there is a time and place for snarky quips unless you're trying to paint a ...

Un hiver de sang (2014) by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Shadow City (2011)

My Initial Reaction…Diana Pharaoh Francis’s creativity continues to blow me away in Shadow City, the third book of the Horngate Witches Series.The Characters…I still adore Max. She’s not only marvelously complex, but she continues to grow and change with each book. One of my favorite parts about ...

Shadow City (2011) by Diana Pharaoh Francis

La cité des ombres (2013)

Shadow City is the third book in the Horngate Witches series. It features two different plotlines: Max and Scooter enter another realm to reclaim his stolen parts and the birth of a Fury at Horngate.Warning, spoilers ahead...What I Liked:A Fury rises - The Fury storyline was engrossing and sus...

La cité des ombres (2013) by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Crimson Wind (2010)

I feel bad for the guy sitting next to me when I finished this book because I may have hot him with my flailing arms because I was so upset. OMG THIS BOOK. I am going NUTS with anticipation!!!! Over everything!!!!! I am getting my hands on book three IMMEDIATELY and reading it because I cannot HA...

Crimson Wind (2010) by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Le souffle des ombres (2013)

Well, this one wasn't as good as the first, mostly because there was no growth for Max and Alexander. Yes, it was a very dynamic storyline, with lots of crazy creatures and near-death experiences, but I was disappointed in the end. They did manage to gather some people to replace the losses in Ho...

Le souffle des ombres (2013) by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Bitter Night (2009)

The descriptiveness of this book piqued my interest. The writer made it a point to separate day from night and to focus on there being harm to those that chose to stray from this strict separation that I found odd yet it simultaneously made the characters far more interesting. It delves further i...

Bitter Night (2009) by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Shadowblade (2010)

This was a breath of fresh air in the genre of kickass female leads. So many times the authors try so hard to make the heroine big and bad, they come off as jerks or trying to prove something - and then don't live up to their own hype. Max is not perfect. She's got problems. She's also clever...

Shadowblade (2010) by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Alliance nocturne (2013)

I have to say that I'm a bit torn in rating this book. It took me a good 50 pages before I finally got pulled into the story, and even then it was not as captivating as it could have been. I do want to like this novel, but there are several issues for me. First, I got hung up on a short, inconseq...

Alliance nocturne (2013) by Diana Pharaoh Francis