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Series: Heart Of Montana

by Author Katy Regnery


The Christmas Wish (2013)

This is a cute short story about two people who find love. Lucas is an ex-con working as a short order cook while Tess is a waitress whose reputation can be found on the bathroom walls. Still, every person deserves a second chance and Lucas makes Tess believe their lives can really change if they...

The Christmas Wish (2013) by Katy Regnery

By Proxy (2013)

I struggled with the book. Between all the "action" or dialogue, there was too much "thinking" and it was rather boring to read. I skimmed through those parts to get to the real storyline. For example - Sam's time back in Chicago. . . . *boring*. I get the point. Chicago lost all it's charm, but ...

By Proxy (2013) by Katy Regnery