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Series: Happy Cafe

by Author Kou Matsuzuki


Shiawase Kissa 3chōme (2005)

I've started this manga several years ago, reading the original and I kind of just blew it off since I thought the girl a little irritatingly cheerful, the story plot immensely cliched and the art decent. I cast it off and soon forgot about it. It wasn't until recently when it was published by To...

Shiawase Kissa 3chōme (2005) by Kou Matsuzuki

Happy Café, Volume 1 (2000)

It was too... happy.Happy Cafe would have made a great one-shot with the first chapter, but a whole manga series... I don't see it. There's not enough going on.The main characters don't do much for me personally. I can see their appeal, just... not appealing to me.The art is so-so. Except for Uru...

Happy Café, Volume 1 (2000) by Kou Matsuzuki

Happy Cafe, Vol. 1 (2010)

This manga was really cute! Oh man, was this good!!! It was so cute, that i finished the whole series in a couple of days.

Happy Cafe, Vol. 1 (2010) by Kou Matsuzuki