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Series: Happiness Key

by Author Emilie Richards


Sunset Bridge (2011)

It was a good book, but I think it was a continuation of another book, even though it didn't state that. Tracy is the owner of Happiness Key, where a group of friends live. Each of them dealing with different issues. Tracy is pregnant but is afraid to tell the father because she wants to be su...

Sunset Bridge (2011) by Emilie Richards

Le parfum du thé glacé (2012)

This book featured several TSTL women who thought that they were brilliant, more discussion of pie than I ever want to read again, and the sketchiest trail of evidence ever. I finished it because I didn't feel like looking for anything else to read, but I lost patience with Tracy, Maggie, and Wan...

Le parfum du thé glacé (2012) by Emilie Richards

Fortunate Harbor (2010)

Once again we meet the four women that we became acquainted with in Happiness Key. Tracy has continued working at the Rec department. Janya's husband continues to work long hours and she still isn't pregnant. Hints from her mother about getting a grandchild are not helping. Alice and her grand...

Fortunate Harbor (2010) by Emilie Richards

Happiness Key (2009)

This turned out to be a far better and smoother read for me than the cover art and synopsis gave me to expect. The book is about a divorcee whose ex-husband tricked her into signing a property purchase prior his heading off to prison. So, from the lap of luxury to a worn-down group of beach house...

Happiness Key (2009) by Emilie Richards