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Series: Half Upon A Time

by Author James Riley


Once Upon the End (2013)

This book was so much fun! I really, really liked Jack's character development. I enjoyed him in the first book, but by this one he's really grown up (without losing his humor) and he is WAY more likable. Character development win. This book literally made me cry. I cannot even handle Snow White'...

Once Upon the End (2013) by James  Riley

Twice Upon a Time (2000)

This is the second book in the "Half Upon a Time" series. I think the 1st book flowed better, but this second book was pretty interesting too. I love the dynamics between Jack, May and Phillip. Phillip is the polite one, May is the driving force and Jack is there to help his friends. The ques...

Twice Upon a Time (2000) by James  Riley

Half Upon a Time (2010)

I absolutely love this book. This is exactly what I like to read. It's very funny and modern. It is like a fairytale twist. I have read the first and the second of the trilogy and so far the Half Upon a Time has been the best. I highly suggest reading this book. It is one of my all time favorites...

Half Upon a Time (2010) by James  Riley