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Series: Gilbert Selwyn And Friends

by Author Joe Keenan


My Lucky Star (2006)

Decent book, but not my taste. The one star is personal and subjective, not objective and based on what I think others will find. Read on if you want to know the specifics, but feel free to ignore me as well.I should have known better. While I found aspects of the show Frasier funny, overall I fo...

My Lucky Star (2006) by Joe Keenan

Blue Heaven (2002)

Keenan, Joe. BLUE HEAVEN. (1988), ***. The author was the writer of the musical, “The Times,” and was a story consultant for the television show, “Frasier,” which I don’t think I ever saw. He has published at least one more book featuring the same characters as you encounter in this book, “P...

Blue Heaven (2002) by Joe Keenan