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Series: Geek High

by Author Piper Banks


Summer of the Geek (2010)

I didn't like the way the author keeps on reminding her readers of things that are already mentioned in the first two books of the series. It's like, "hey, in case you forgot, Miranda can solve complicated Math problems in her head" and "Hannah is her step sister" — these are basic things a reade...

Summer of the Geek (2010) by Piper Banks

Geek Abroad (2008)

Geek Abroad is the sequel to Geek High. In this second book of the Miranda Bloom series, Miranda is off to England to visit her mom, Sadie. I liked the London setting that was presented for part of the novel. Also Miranda is a well-written and relatable character. I wish that you got more of ...

Geek Abroad (2008) by Piper Banks