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Series: Forgiving Lies

by Author Molly McAdams


Forgiving Lies (2013)

This book did not work for me, let me start with that. Quick summary of the story: Kash is an undercover cop sent to another city to hide from a drug gang. He meets rachel, his neighbor who loves with her cousin. Rachel has a traumatic past but Kash manages to get past her defenses and after a pe...

Forgiving Lies (2013) by Molly McAdams

Deceiving Lies (2014)

after i read forgiving lies i just had to read deceiving lies right after. i mean the cliffhanger hello?!?!? so yea.. started it right away and omg.. i think i loved that book even more! i just wanted to read..and read..and read.. and never put it down like.. that book had me on the edge of my se...

Deceiving Lies (2014) by Molly McAdams