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Series: Emily Of New Moon

by Author L.M. Montgomery


Emily's Quest (1983)

This was the worst of the whole series. It was dark and depressing the whole time. The plot was really sad, and all through this book I just HATED Ilse. She was portrayed as a shallow, silly girl with no feelings for Emily or Teddy. She's obsessed with something the whole time. I liked the first ...

Emily's Quest (1983) by L.M. Montgomery

Emily of New Moon (1983)

I read through just about all the L.M. Montgomerys last year, except for Emily. The main reason was that I simply couldn't find Emily of New Moon (still can't find the book). There was a small, faint secondary cause in that I never loved Emily Byrd Starr as much as Anne Shirley or Pat Gardiner ...

Emily of New Moon (1983) by L.M. Montgomery