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Series: Charles Towne Belles

by Author M.L. Tyndall


The Raven Saint (2010)

Title: The Raven SaintAuthor: Marylu TyndallSeries: Charles Towne Belles Book 3Chapters: 41Pages: 287Genre: Christian Historical fictionRating: 4 stars The Raven Saint was my least of the trilogy. But it was still a good read. In this novel Grace Westcott is the sister that is kidnapped by pi...

The Raven Saint (2010) by M.L. Tyndall

The Blue Enchantress (2009)

This book was a disappointment. I thought the Red Siren was a bit boring, but it is better compared to the second book in the series. This book is boring and I feel like I have to force myself to finish it. It just didn't captivate me. One thing that made me lower the rating is how cheesy it is. ...

The Blue Enchantress (2009) by M.L. Tyndall

The Red Siren (2009)

I am absolutely baffled as to how this book could possibly have a 4 star average rating. I borrowed the series from my grandmother thinking that Tyndall was one of those few Christian authors that I could tolerate. I was mistaken. Most of the first two thirds of the book were tolerable but defini...

The Red Siren (2009) by M.L. Tyndall