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Series: Cavanaugh Island

by Author Rochelle Alers


Angels Landing (2012)

When I start to talk out-loud to the book, I have myself a winner.Kara Newell has a big-city life that is given a very big wake up call when she attempts to take a vacation. Ex-marine Jeffrey Hamilton get a wake up call from his cousin to do something that will change his life fall all time. Th...

Angels Landing (2012) by Rochelle Alers

Sanctuary Cove (2000)

I wish I had read this book before I read Angel's Landing. I love the story of Deborah and Asa. I think this book describes more in detail what is going on on Cavanaugh Island. Just like all of Alers' books, this is another happy ever after book. Unlike other readers, I did not have a problem...

Sanctuary Cove (2000) by Rochelle Alers