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Series: Castle Of Dark Dreams

by Author Nina Bangs


Wicked Pleasure (2007)

I had to stop 65% through this book because it just drove me nuts. Here was this big build up -he's so hot and has been pleasing women for 500 years, she's hot for him- and it was nothing... Call me wrong for judging a book by it's first sex scene, but it was so lacking I couldn't stay interested...

Wicked Pleasure (2007) by Nina Bangs

Wicked Edge (2012)

I have to admit to being a HUGE Nina Bangs fan, us both being Texans and her being an awesome author. This is book 5 in the Castle of Dark Dreams series. I know these characters so well at this point that I actually looked for the Castle and the candy store on my last trip to Galveston. Well n...

Wicked Edge (2012) by Nina Bangs

My Wicked Vampire (2009)

My wicked vampire was an intriguing novel filled with supernaturals of all sorts coming together. Recommended this book from my fellow reading enthusiast this book was a light, seductive fun read where Cinn found out loving man is only the beginning, but loving a vampire brings on a whole new pro...

My Wicked Vampire (2009) by Nina Bangs