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Series: Carrington's

by Author Alexandra Brown


Amiche, segreti e bollicine (2013)

I give Cupcakes at Carringtons * * * * stars.I found Cupcakes to be a fantastic, immensely enjoyable read. Such a fabulous debut for Alexandra, surely she must be in reality, Georgie herself?!This book is set in Carrington’s, the high quality Department Store where the main character Georgie has ...

Amiche, segreti e bollicine (2013) by Alexandra Brown

Cupcakes at Carringtons (2013)

This book is chick lit at its best, it has a great heroine, a little romance and some very funny plot twists. The only problem I had with this book is that it ended, I was totally not ready to leave these brilliant characters behind and I’m thrilled to know there are two more books in the series ...

Cupcakes at Carringtons (2013) by Alexandra Brown